Local representation

If you vote for a party, your representative has to act the way the party tells them to, even if it isn’t in your best interests. Even if a candidate pledges something in his or her campaign, such as not raising taxes or bombing Syria, their party can force them to vote along party lines.

I will be your voice in Westminster and represent YOUR views, not the views of a party, 100% of the time.

Local connections

Other parties might choose to impose candidates on Bridgend to try to win seats.

I believe that Bridgend is an amazing place. My home and my family are here and I will be a local presence with a local office in Bridgend, and available and accountable to you. I am as invested in our town as you are.

Local opportunities

I believe that the future of true democracy lies in people, not parties. If elected,  I want to create opportunities, by offering local people the chance to become parliamentary advisers.

​I want to use part of the MP’s salary to set up a charitable fund, to help young people in Bridgend either start their own businesses, get involved in politics or access higher education, and to help provide support for any person who wants to stand as an independent candidate for Bridgend or nearby boroughs.