You may not realise it but we are a town of entrepreneurs and innovators.

91% of companies in Bridgend are micro businesses with less than 9 employees and around 1 in 15 residents is self-employed. We are exactly the people Theresa May described when she said ‘Britain is open for business’ – yet what we’ve seen in the past 5 years seems to be punishing small businesses and those of us who work for ourselves.

  • Attempts to increase NI contributions for the self-employed
  • shambolic tax decisions
  • reductions on the Flat Rate VAT scheme for service businesses
  • a refusal to acknowledge the importance of the freelance economy and sole traders
  • little to no understanding of the financial risks of owning a small business or being a sole trader

On top of this, thanks to the Welsh Assembly small businesses in Bridgend have to contend with crippling business rates, where English businesses enjoy double the levels of tax relief.

I will hold the Government and the Welsh Assembly to account on their shameful record of support for small businesses and the self-employed.