Social care is a service that affects us all – a quarter of Bridgend’s adult residents will be over 60 by 2020. We are all expected to live longer, and more elderly residents are now living alone.

Bridgend is ranked 11th out of 22 Welsh counties for dementia rates and has over 10,000 residents who have long term health conditions or disabilities, and at least 2,000 full time carers, with many more people providing some level of care for loved ones part time.

Our NHS is under strain because our social care system is disconnected, expensive and patchy, so that people end up in hospital with preventable problems, or can’t be discharged because they can’t be supported at home.

I want to change this by campaigning across all parties for a national basic safety net of social care to be provided for people living in the UK, to help us all to live safely and independently, and to help save our NHS.