In national politics it can feel like politicians say a lot and deliver little to improve our lives. Westminster feels a long way from Pyle or Coychurch, and all too often decisions made in London don’t translate to benefits here. Even now Wales is often seen as being solely ex-miners, Gavin and Stacey and rugby, as if that’s all that defines us.

I disagree.

I believe that Wales is a powerhouse of vibrant business and ingenuity, with some of the most exciting opportunities available anywhere in Britain.

I chose to move here from London with my family two years ago because Bridgend has a thriving and strong community, where people do still care about each other. I want to show the world that we aren’t a dying market town or a charity case, but instead that we are an amazing place to live and work.

Politicians can say a lot and deliver little. I want to say less and do more.

– Isabel Robson