I am not a career politician.

However I am a long time believer in the idea that parties should be removed from politics, as it becomes all to easy for decisions to be made to benefit the party and its power base, not the people who elect it.

I believe that Independent MPs are an important counterbalance to the machinery of large parties, and best placed to start reforming the way we vote and manage our electoral systems.

I am proud to be an Independent candidate and hope to be the first of many.

I am not interested in ‘dirty’ politics.

I prefer to leave name calling, backroom dealing and rumour creation to other people.

I am not funded by large donors who dictate my policies.

I’m funding myself through this campaign, to show that anyone can stand for Parliament, not just the ‘right sort’ of people.

If you also believe in what I’m saying and want to make a small donation to help get the message out, please consider offering your time, or donating here: